new year, new look [again!]

01/20/2019 -

It seems every new year we stumble into a an artistic/stylistic choice for the appearance of the game. Last year, it was changing up the way planets appear. This year, we take it one step further.

Specifically, we got rid of the lighting system we were using and transitioned to a simplistic “toon shader.” This means that instead of having a traditional light-and-shadow interplay, where a light source creates a gradient of color on an object, we gave objects simple shades of color that give the appearance of shadow. Considering our low-poly angle, this was a really fun discovery as our meshes and assets feel more connected, seamless, and singular in appearance. That is to say, our colors are working together. And this only took 2 year lol.

*Sigh* — such is #gamedev. Here are samples of our new lighting style:

Small Space Drive Thru

An Alien Family (Your Crew!)

A Lovely Portrait
family portrait