Braver Than EA, We Included War-Bear Wojtek Into Our Indie Game

05/27/2018 -

We were stunned to read in Ashley Oh’s article from Polygon that EA is not showing the courage to include WWII bear-soldier Wojtek into Battlefield 5 – their crazy-intense WWII shooter. After hearing the bear’s story, we knew we had do what’s right.

Wojtek will be a badass alien bear in Lilith, a sim game like Oregon trail but on an open-world, galactic scale.

His story touched our game-dev hearts. A cub abandoned at birth, Wojtek was raised and trained by Allied Polish soldiers and rose to the rank of corporal. He would lug around ammo on the battlefield, and apparently had a liking for beer and ate unlit cigarettes. Which is metal as hell.

Such a hero requires remembrance, EA! So we rendered a low-poly version of Wojtek and roughly drafted his animation. He’s got battle tusks and horns, because Wojtek ain’t nothing to fuck with. Without getting into too much detail, game features will allow players to control (and possibly ride) Wojtek.

Gloves thrown, EA. Check it:


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