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05/01/2017 -

Gopezum (I have something to say).  It’s been a while… I’m actively trying to figure out how many “moons” it has been (via stack overflow). See here. I will let you know the results of this public inquiry. 

Yea, so we got the inventory working, created a bunch of items, developed some character math systems, and built a front end for the character status panel. Now please follow me towards these png-formatted images:

The chugboy. The multitool. These are two of the main physical tools in the game. They are used to harvest air, water, xenon, trees, rocks, and other natural resources. Pate came up with the idea of the chug boy, and it came out really well. The “multitool” was less inspired, is kinda lame, and will probably get redone before we let anyone play this game.

sdfdsf  chugboy1

Ok, here’s the final (semi-final) look & feel of our inventory. Basically, each character (you might have as many as 6 under you control) has a backpack with 12 slots. You can have up to 99 same-type items in each slot, but only 12 different kinds of items in the backpack. Additionally, and perhaps more constricting, is the weight (mass) limit. The weight limit is based on the current location of you character, whether it be a planet, moon, or spaceship. In real-science-world (life), heavy gravity makes it hard to carry things.


In order to have a 3D inventory, you need items. Here are some ore pellets, logs, sap, chug-boy canisters, and rocks. These things are a small subset of the things you will eventually be able to gather using the multitool and the chugboy.


So, this here is a png-format image. The character status windows. As characters come under your control, you’ll get access to a window similar to the ones below. In our game, there is no “HP”. Death occurs when any of body, mind, or soul reaches zero. Therefore, these high level windows give you a quick look at your character’s status. You can see them slowly aging, a live feed of them (showing you where they are in the simulation), their species, sex, and a historical graph of their Body, Mind, and Soul metrics.


Here’s a nice video showing these panels & the inventories associated with those characters:

Last – here’s a set of three png-formatted images.

prettyitems socool! tribesel1

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