Corporate Announcement

02/20/2017 -

Here at Jun and Pate, we celebrate Good Eezma (corporate buzzword in 3218). Therefore, we are taking first-person flight simulation to the next level — by putting the flight-person first. Please go find a snack like nachos and enjoy this game science video demonstration:

Okay enough of the soulless corporate buzz-chat. I’m here to talk about synergy.  Pate and I have been friends for a long time, but finally, we are finding a remarkable creative synergy. Why is this? We’ve cut our costs, we’ve bolstered our revenues, and we’ve built professional relationships that can last.

Sorry for being cheesy! I only wanted your everlasting empathy-friendship!

Ok well, this week, I worked on gameplay. I’m trying to get galactic flight to feel both real, fun, and unique. It’s a real venn diagram situation, and decisions, at times, feel tricky. It takes a weird amount of trial and error to find things that are satisfying in this regard — things that lovingly please the three circles — as they say. But hopefully, we’ll be able to come through on that.

To that end, I’ve limited the amount of thrust-drift (for fun reasons), added clouds & matter to space, and have begun working on the position-hold autopilot mode. Yes fine — flight mode is coming together. I want to make these planetary approaches a bit more engaging though. To me, all these little things sort of collaborate to create what is effectively a nifty toy (a flight simulator). Landing is a big part of other flight simulators, and while that is not required in space, it would be fun to “land” on stars. This is weird, but it’s one of those things where being able to crash (burning up in a star’s heliopause) can raise the stakes and make the gameplay more captivating.

good bye sweet cherrios, good bye you grainy rings…