Moon Cream (The Robot’s Choice)

12/08/2016 -

Yes, Hello. A Pate Update from Pate:

I’ve been told I can sound like a robot… due to my nasally voice? I don’t know.  People don’t give a reason after they say that, they just smile and say I make good robot sounds. Which is fine, I guess. Bip bop.

I decided to use this “skill” to create a radio ad that will play on your spaceship’s radio. Yeah baby, intergalactic marketing!

It’s a sample of the world-building we have in mind to complement the gameplay. Imagine sailing to gambling planet Toro Nero, flipping through frequencies on the ole music box… no you’re not in the mood for astro-punk right now, umm photon jazz is too meh, well let’s see what’s on the classics station, AND THEN BAM, you know this melody: that beautiful duet from Pupansky’s space opera, “You Compute Me.” Am I going to actually create a love song between robot and sentient being? Stay tuned to find out.

(Yeah, I’ll give it a shot.)

It’s tough to imagine what “generic” radio music would sound like 800 years from now. Part of me is convinced it will have A LOT of electric organ, which is a great instrument, no joke. Some talented musicians can really noodle on that thing. All in all, it feels strange to try to predict future music, but half the fun is seeing what ya come up with.